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2015 2016

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Graduate Seminars 2015-16


Seminars on Mondays or Wednesdays run from 3:10-6:00.


Seminars on Tuesdays or Thursdays run from 2:50-5:20.

Fall 2015:


ENGL 501: Methodology of Composition (Patty Ericsson)

ENGL 509: Classical Rhetoric (Victor Villanueva)

ENGL 525: Memories of the Reformation in Early Modern Europe (Todd Butler; Jesse Spohnholz)

ENGL 543/443: Phonology (Lynn Gordon) ** Offered T Th 12-1:15

ENGL 548: Critical Theory, Literacy, and Pedagogy (Ashley Boyd)

ENGL 567: Transatlantic Naturalisms (Donna Campbell)

ENGL 591: Teaching with Technology (Kristin Arola)

ENGL 595: The Global South (Pavithra Narayanan) (WHETS)


Spring 2016:


ENGL 502: Composition Theory (Wendy Olson) (WHETS)

ENGL 515: Contemporary Rhetorical Theory: Rhetoric and Empire (Victor Villanueva)

ENGL 544/444: Syntax (Lynn Gordon) **Offered MWF 2:10-3:00

ENGL 546: Teaching and Learning in L2 Academic Literacies (Nancy Bell)

ENGL 549 20th and 21st Century Irish Literature and Trauma (Donna Potts)

ENGL 560: Critical Theories, Methods, and Practice in the Digital Humanities (Roger Whitson)

ENGL 580: Medieval English Literature (Michael Hanly) **Offered T/Th 1:25-2:40






591.01 Arola

501.01 Ericsson

509.01 Villanueva

548.01 Boyd

595.01 Narayanan WHETS


525.01 Butler/Spohnholz

567.01 Campbell

Spring 2016


502.01 Olson WHETS

515.01 Villanueva

546.01 Bell

560.01 Whitson


549.01 Potts





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