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Page history last edited by D. Campbell 10 years, 10 months ago




FALL 2010:


ENGL 501: Methodology of Composition (instructor unknown at this point)

ENGL 509: Classical Rhetoric & Its Influences (V. Villanueva)

ENGL 512: Introduction to Graduate Studies in English (A. Stiles)

ENGL 514: Fiction of Postmodern America (T. V. Reed)

ENGL 521: The Age of Wonder: Exploration, Science and Romanticism (D. Lee)

ENGL 531: Writing Program Administration (D. Kelly-Riley)

ENGL 532 (WHETS): Teaching Writing to Non-Traditional Students (W. Olson)

ENGL 548 (WHETS): Contemporary Representations of Gender & Sexuality (C. Siegel)

ENGL 550: Literary & Theoretical Representations of Borderlands (P. Chilson)

ENGL 573: Progress, Technology & Modernity in the American Novel, 1900-1930 (D. Campbell)

ENGL 485/585 (Conjoint): Seventeenth-Century English Literature (T. Butler)

ENGL 597: Topics in R/C: Teaching with Technology (K. Arola) 


SPRING 2011:


ENGL 502: Contemporary Theories of Composition (instructor unknown at this point)

ENGL 514: Survey of 20th-Century American Poetry and Poetics (C. Arigo)

ENGL 522: Victorians and the Occult (A. Stiles)

ENGL 527: The Culture of the Copy in Eighteenth-Century Literature (K. McAuley)

ENGL 531: Writing Program Administration (D. Kelly-Riley)

ENGL 546: Topics in Teaching ESL (N. Bell)

ENGL 548 (WHETS): Contemporary Critical Theory (J. Farman)

ENGL 595 (WHETS): Literature of Exile (L. Orr)

ENGL 597: Topics in R/C: Rhetorics of Sustainability (P. Ericsson/P. Andrews)

ENGL 597: Topics in R/C: Rhetoric and Political Economy (V. Villanueva)



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