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Revised 4/9/09

course descriptions and times for Fall 2009)

Schedules of Classes for English Fall 2009



Fall 2009

ENGL 501         Seminar in the Teaching of Writing                                 Eddy               

ENGL 507         Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama                            Hamlin             

ENGL 512         Introduction to Graduate Studies                                     Butler                                

AMST 513/ENGL513 Theories and Methods in American Studies             Reed

ENGL 515         Contemporary Rhetoric                                                  Villanueva        

ENGL 529         Beyond the Concord Circle: The American Renaissance  Rohrbach         

ENGL 531         Administering a Writing Program                                                Kelly-Riley        

ENGL 534         Theories and Methods of the Teaching of Technical and

                        Professional Writing                                                      Ericsson          

ENGL 443/543   Phonology                                                                    Gordon            

ENGL 548         Ecocriticism                                                                  Arigo               

ENGL 549         Modernism and Film                                                      Hegglund         

ENGL 550         Africa: Fact and Fiction                                                 Chilson

ENGL 595         Electronic Lit & Gaming (WHETS)                                   Farman            



Spring 2010



ENGL 502         Teaching of Writing (WHETS)                                         Olson              

ENGL 511         What is an American?                                                    McAuley          

ENGL 531         Administering a Writing Program                                     Kelly-Riley

ENGL 537         Law and Literature in Early Modern England                    Butler   

ENGL 546         An Introduction to ESL Theory and Pedagogy                Bell                  

ENGL 573         Post World War II African American Literature                 Oforlea                                    

ENGL 580         Seminar in Medieval Literature:

                        Love in the Western World                                             Hanly               

ENGL 595         The Composed Life:                                                      Lee

                        Writing for Publication, Fellowships,

                        and Post-Docs

ENGL 597.1      Contact Zone Rhetorics                                                 Monroe            

ENGL 597.2      Rhetoric of Science and Technology (WHETS)                Menchaca        

ENGL 597.3      Teaching with Technology                                              Arola

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