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Graduate Courses 2008-2009


Fall 2008 


ENGL 501: Methodology of Composition (Eddy)

ENGL 512: Introduction to Graduate Studies in English (Stiles)

ENGL 513/AMST 513: Theory and Method in American Studies (Reed)

ENGL 510: Backgrounds of American Literature (Burbick)

ENGL 521: Romantic Ecology (Lee)

ENGL 529: Genre as a Field of Knowledge: 19th-Century American Poetry (Rohrbach)

ENGL 531: Administering a Writing Program (Kelly-Riley)

ENGL 543: Syntax (Gordon)

ENGL 550: Africa: Fact and Fiction (Chilson)

ENGL 595: Embodiment and Space in the Digital Age (Farman, WHETS)

ENGL 597: Feminist Rhetorics (Arola)

AMST 596: Rhetorics of Political Economy (Villanueva) 


Spring 2009 


ENGL 508: Seminar in Writing Assessment (Condon) TuTh 9:10-10:25

ENGL 509: Classical Rhetoric (Dasler-Johnson, WHETS) W 6:05-8:40 p.m.

ENGL 522: Animals and Literature in the Age of Evolution (Stiles)  TuTh  10:45-11:50

ENGL 525:  Milton (Butler) TuTh 1:25-2:40

ENGL 531: Administering a Writing Program (Kelly-Riley) Arrgt

ENGL 548: Space, Place, and Modernity (Hegglund) M 3:10-5:40

ENGL 555: Middle English Literature: Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (Hanly) TuTh 12:00-1:15

ENGL 573: Regionalism, Race, and Nationalism (Campbell)   W 3:10-5:40

ENGL 595: Plateau Indian Studies (Monroe)   Tu 2:50-5:20

ENGL 595: TESOL Seminar (Bell) M 3:10-5:55 

ENGL 595: Pedagogy and Practice: Bureaucracy, Technology, and Agency in Higher Education (Ericsson) Th 2:50-5:20

ENGL 595: Introduction to Documentary Film (Oforlea)  Tu 6:00-8:35 p.m.


English graduate courses

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