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FALL 2011
501: Methodologies of Composition (Ericsson)
508: Diagnosing and Assessing Writing (Condon)
515: Contemporary Theories of Rhetoric (Villanueva)
529: Literary Studies and Becoming Digital (Rohrbach)
531: Administering a Writing Program (Kelly-Riley and Johnson-Shull)
549: Modernism and Film (Hegglund)
580: Medieval Literature: Chaucer (Hanly)
595: Writing for Publication (Ross)
595: Sequential Art: Comics as "Ensembles of Productive Mechanisms of Meaning" (Hill)
597: Literacy Theories and Practices (Olson) WHETS
502: Contemporary Theories of Composition (Olson) WHETS
511: Atlantic World Literature (McAuley)
514: Fiction of Postmodern America (Reed)
522: Victorian Medical Ethics (Stiles)
531: Administering a Writing Program (Kelly-Riley and Johnson-Shull)
534: Teaching Technical and Professional Writing (Davis) WHETS
543: Topics in Linguistics: Syntax (Gordon)
546: Increasing Access & Support for Language Minority Students in Higher Education (Bell)
573: Scientific Americans: Theories of Science in American Literature, 1880-1935 (Campbell)
597: Bureaucracy, Technology, and Agency in Higher Education (Ericsson)

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