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FALL 2017

501: Seminar in the Teaching of Writing: Methodology of Composition [M. Edwards]

525 : Law and Literature in 17th Century England [T. Butler]

543: Phonology [L. Gordon]

548: Seminar in Critical and Cultural Theory - Critical Theory, Literacy, and Pedagogy [A. Boyd]

549: Seminar in 20th Century British Literature -  “Color me English”: History, Politics, and the Evolution of Twentieth-Century British Literature [P. Narayanan]

573: Seminar in American Literature - American Writers and Online Editions [D. Campbell]

595: Writing for Publication [V. Villanueva] 

597: Topics in Composition and Rhetoric - Indigenous Rhetorics [K. Arola]



502: Seminar in the Teaching of Writing - Contemporary Theories [W. Olson]

514: Seminar in 20th-Century American Literature - Toxic Bodies: Disease, Denial, and Resistance in Contemporary American Ecological Literature and Popular Culture [Hellegers]

515: Contemporary Theories of Rhetoric [V. Villanueva] 

521: Seminar in British Romantic Literature - Nineteenth-Century Speculative Fiction [R. Whitson]

544: Syntax [L. Gordon]

546: Topics in Teaching English as a Second Language [N. Bell]

560: Critical Theories, Methods, and Practice in Digital Humanities [K. Christen]

580: Seminar in Medieval Literature [M. Hanly]


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